The benefits of taking a rest

I’m not lazy, no but sometimes i do absolutely nothing but sleep, relax and taking a rest.

Do you know the benefits of taking a rest?

You will get new power, you will increase your productivity, you will feel less stressed, more serene.

What’s the best time to make a break? Don’t wait until you are totally exhausted. Cause it takes more time to cure a Burn-out than to tak a rest at the right time.

Signs you have to rest an entire day or longer:

1. You don’t feel motivated anymore

2. You wake up tired in the morning

3. You are nervous and irritable

4. You have lost the joy doing things you liked bevore

5. You are feeling sick and tired

6. You loose your appetite

7. You have an immense desire to eat shugared or fatty food

Creative or working people think they have to do more and more to be productive.

But sometimes less is more. Dare to relax, to take a rest, to do what you enjoy most, to have a self-care day.

And your motivation and productivity will flow again.

Take a mini rest, go over to my instagram

and enjoy our beautiful nature.

What do you do to relax? What signs of exhaustion do you have?

I wish you a very pleasant day.

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Thanks for sharing this!! More than one of them related to me so I think rest is required! ( I am actually unwell today and off work so this is a perfect time!)

  2. That’s so true. Little relaxing moments during the day recharges the battery 😀. Thank you for sharing your oppinion, have a nice day.

  3. When I feel a need to relax, a film or a book can bring me enjoyment. Even stopping for coffee when running errands brings a relaxing moment. Thank you for sharing Karin.

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