Never give up

Please never, never, never give up.

Whatever you struggle with, keep searching a solution you can live with.

Sorround you with positive, supporting people, ask for help professionals if you need some.

You are worth a good live. Do what you have to do to earn enough income.

And if it’s a simple job you are supposed to do, fill it with positive thoughts.

As i studied sales manager, i learned during the motivation course that every simple task, made with as much enthusiasm as possible will bring great results.

A story told us, that a sales person packed the purchases with so much love, with a beautiful smile, with kind words, so the shop had many, many happy, returning customers ,only because this sales person filled a simple job with love and kindness. And finally he got a pay increase.

Wharever you do, find ways to do it in an extrordnary way and you never ever will have a boring job.

I wish you much success. May you fill your dull jobs with love and live.

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  1. Karin, positive actions always bring out our best and most genuine intentions. Showing kindness in any situation sends out a powerful message.

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