My photo exhibited in Athenes this weekend

Today is the opening night of the GuruShots exhibition “Photographer of the year” at the “Blank Wall Gallery”, Athenes, Greece.

More about the exhibition  here

I’m so glad one of my photos was selected to be exhibited digitally.

The selected photo

Thank you so much for the votes and congratulations to the other selected photographers.

It would be great to attend the exhibition, but i can’t .

It was so great to talk to the programmer at the ” border” exhibition in Strassbourg.

He told me, the photogames are great because of the “blind voting”. Everyone may take part, amateur or professional photohrapher. Every participant has to vote the work from other photographers to get more exposition.

Only the photos will be shown without the names of the photographer.

So everyone gets the chance to have exhibited a photo.

My photos were showcased digitally already in Milan, Strassburg, Berlin.

It would be great to see a picture of my exhibited photo in Athenes too. 😀

Many thanks for your interest in my photography and for your continous support,

Karin Ravasio @fotosbykarin










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