Change the focus

Perhaps mental health issues would decrease focusing on other things. On something you enjoy to do, like painting, take photos, blogging.. you will know what will be the right activity for you.

They say, what you focus on, you will get.

I show you two photos i have taken at exactly the same location. On the first, i’m looking down on the ground. There is some lichen. I focus near on it. It’s kinda beautiful, but ugly at the same time.

For me it’s important what i feel looking at something. The lichen is fascinating ok, but does it give you a lovely feeling?

On the second image is what i had seen locking up. A pink heartshaped cloud. What a lovely sight. The clouds around are still dark, but there is a bright light to focus on. My feeling looking at this evening sky was great.

What do you think. Could a change of the focus help you?

Thank you for reading.

Have a wonderful day,




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