Waiting for spring

Today we had the first snow here. Everything was white, the air was cold and crisp.

The freezing weather is still to come.

While we enjoy holiday feelings and winter sports, the plant buds are already waiting under their white cover to be awaked by spring to a new life.

We all know that. We don’t think the plants are useless because they lost their leaves. They are just resting and gathering new power. We don’t throw them away, because they look withered.

Don’t be disappointed, if it’s “winter” in your life. Things are not going the right way, you think? The growth is not showing up fast enough? Children (teens) are behaving in a way you don’t like?

Be patient with yourself, with others and circumstances. Perhaps there is something to learn. Certain things requires time to develop, to mature.

Spring will be when it’s time, not earlier. But it WILL come and you will enjoy the new beginning of growth, warmth and happiness.

And waiting for spring, enjoy your winter time. There are so many beautiful things we can be grateful for. Concentrate on the happy-go-lucky-feeling.

Enjoy every little beautiful moment.

Thank you so much for reading,

make it a wonderful day,











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