About my fineamerica group “Loving Macro” Please read and visit the page with the amazing featured images (on the bottom of this article) thanks.

I’m hosting a group called “Loving Macro” on https://fineartamerica.com

This onlinepage gives artists and photographers the opportunity to showcase their art for free. (Upgrade with artistwebshop available for a little fee).

If an artlover would like to buy an artwork, he may do this directly on the fineartamerica.com page and the artist or photographer gets a comission on every sold product.

There are available prints but also a few products like pillows, tote bags, drinking cups or shower curtains (on the partnerpage pixels. com there are even more different products available).

For many artists or photographers, this is a good opportunity to get some extra money through their artwork.

I have an artistshop on fineartamerica too.

Have a look at my work here:



My photos were featured in several groups. This is what i love about Fineartamerica. It’s a very supporting community. Artists and photographers support each other on social media pages like facebook or twitter and in differently themed groups.

Since i like to support others too, i host the group “Loving Macro” on Fineartamertca. I’m totally addicted to macrophotography. It’s a great way to look very close and discover the beauty of the little things of the world.

I’m very grateful for all the beautiful pictures the members of the group have submitted and i want to make this group an artwork per se.

Carefully i review every image, consider content, quality, composition, diversity.

And then i feature the greatest artworks on the page as they look best, adding images with similar or contrary colors, subjects and shapes together.

That takes time and effort (but i think it’s worth it). I don’t add the pictures quickli. Rather i scroll up and down thru the submitted pictures get the grestest combinations.

A huge thank you to the group members for the patience, for waiting till their artwork get reviewed and for submitting all these awesome pictures.

I don’t get a commission or affiliate rewenue on featering or adding artwork in this group and promoting it on my social networks. I do this for free, because i would like to show more people how beautiful our wonderful nature is.

So please have a look at the group “Loving Macro” klicking the link below. One more tip: do this on a big screen like a tablet or pc. Contemplate two rows of picters together. Let your eyes switch up and down, on the right and on the left side.

Feel the mood of the repeating colord, subjects and shapes. Take a little bit of time, enjoy all these great pictures.

And after this, tell us what you think about the group “Loving Macro”.



Thank you very much for reading,

have a lovely day,










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