The beauty of a rainy day

What season do you love more, summer or winter? Spring or fall?

For me, it’s definitively the summer season i like most. Because i adore warm, sunny weather, i’m admitted to stay out for a long time enjoying butterflies, bees and dragonflies swirling around and to take photos of beautiful flowers without freezing my fingers off.

Certainly the fall season is wonderful too. Everybody is enjoying spicy cookies, candle lights, is blogging about pumpkin colored fall themes, putting on warm, cozy clothes, drinking tea, reading tons of 📚 .

But the WEATHER. Gray, gray, gray, foggy, cold, rainy, windy ☔ And it’s getting dark early.

Ok, it’s not too bad either with the right clothes outdoor. But it’s going to hurt taking photos as i do, practising on and on to get the best shot.

I love to take pictures of water droplets. It’s not always an easy thing to make them look good. I like to change the shooting angle, to search the ideal image section to get a picture telling his own little story.

But it’s worth it.

And so here is the picture for you: the beauty of a rainy day.

What do you think ? Witch one is your favorite season and weather?

Tell it in the comments.

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Thank you so much for reading, liking and commenting.

Enjoy every little beautiful moment,



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