November, it’s getting cold – How to not get Influenza

As i told you in my last post, it was cold outside today. The sun is not shining for a long time and it’s not warm anymore.

We have foggy mornings, gray days and it’s getting night early.

Windy, stormy weather make people stay at home. The heated air is drying out everything in the body.

So what do you to stay healthy in autumn and winter, to not get an influenza?

I think, it’s better to prevent, than to cure.

We can do a few things to strenghten our immune systeme.

  1. Go outside, even for a short walk. So the body is producing Vitamin D3 and you will feel fresh, cheerful and energized.
  2. Drink enough to prevent seasoning. You can drink lots of water, or a wonderful healty herbal tea. There are so many different delicious flavors.
  3. Don’t stress. November, December are months to calm down, to take it easy. Ok, you have to cope with holiday sales and shoppings. But in the evening, at home relax. Do what you like most.
  4. Read a good book. Go out with friends.
  5. Take a bath with a relaxing supplement.
  6. Take alternating cold and warm showers.
  7. Do not forget to wash often your hands and not to touch your face with them being with people having influenza.
  8. Eat healthy, take Vitamines and immunsystem supporting supplements. There are a lot of useful herbs with strenghening benefits like moringa, ashwagandha, curcuma, ginseng… Ask your doctor, whats good for you, go to your local drugstore or klick the image below to shop online.


Have you other ideas what we can do to strenghten our immune system? Please post them in the comments.

Hope you will stay healthy and fine.

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