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Hi everyone,

are you doing a side hussle? Are you trying to earn extra money online?

There may be artists or photographers not earning enough through their artwork and wanting to earn an extra income online.

Do you want to tell me about what is working for you in the comments?

(But nothing about Crypto Currency or investing).

If you are a photographer or artist, you can sell your artwork on Zazzle Cafepress or Redbubble.

You may have an Onlineshop on fineartamerica.com or sell your artwork on Etsy.

What do you do to sell your artwork?

What works best for you?

For me it’s Zazzle, that works best. It’s totally free, easy to use and others Zazzelists supports you promoting your items as affiliates.

Have a look at my products;




This week i have discovered a new way to earn money with every click on my photos.

It’s calledย ClickASnap

The basic account is for free. You earn a small amount if someone clicks on your photo and let it open for at least 5 seconds.

Do you want to network with me online, here is my ClickASnap webpage:



Blogging is another way to monetize your art .writing or photography. That’s what we do here on WordPress ๐Ÿ˜

Since i always want to support others, post a link to your onlinestore, blog or photogallery in the commentbox.


Thanks a lot for reading,

have much success,




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