Fall in love with fall

Brr it was cold outside today !!

I mean not soo cold compared to the icy january temperatures, but soo cold compared to the hot last summer days.

The tshirt weather will be past soon. Grab your warm socks, get a nice, heartwarming book, drink a healthy, hot cup of tee and enjoy.

Go out with or without camera gear, discover the amazing fall colors. Enjoy mystic foggy landscapes.

Listen to the rustling fall leaves while walking through the forest. Smell humid mushrooms.

Admire little dew dropplets in gorgeous spider webs….

Moderate temperatures are healthier for the circulation too. Many activities like traveling, working, hiking, sporty activities are much more comfortable.

Did you see the cute, little look-through-heart in the light green part of the colorful fall leaf?

I can’t help, i discover natural shaped hearts everywhere 😊


Who does love fall too?

What do you enjoy most?


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