Do you love flowers and plants? Link Party πŸŒ±πŸŒΈπŸ’–πŸŒΏ


As anyone knows, who knows my photography, i do. I really must admit, i’m so adicted to flowers and plants.

For many they are quite comon, they think -oh another flower, how boring.

But i’m excited. I have seen already sooo many pictures of flowers and plants on instagram, twittter.. and each day i discover something new, some awesome color or shot.

There are so many talented artists and photographers allover the world and they do a wonderful, great work.

I looove it πŸŒ±πŸ’–πŸŒΈπŸ’–πŸŒΏ

If you want, post a link to your flowers or plants in the comment box. Let’s have a little linkparty πŸ˜€

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Many thanks for reading, liking and commenting. It’s much appreciated.

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