How to make money online

You would like to make extra money online ? There are many opportunities to make an income online.

Today a will talk about a super easy online possibility as a Zazzle affiliate (=associate).

And the best of it. it’s totally free, no hidden fees and EVERYONE having internet and a website, blog or social media page can do this.

No skills needed, the only thing you have to do is to refer to beautiful Zazzle products (my products also, please 😀) and post your associate links on your blog, website or social media page.

How to become a Zazzle Assiciate ??

It’s easy as 1,2,3

1. Go to

2. On the top of the page, klick on Sell on Zazzle

3. In the opening little Window klick on Join as Associate

4. Register a Zazzle Account, if you don’t have one.

5. If you have already a Zazzle Account, you can find your Zazzle Associate ID and the way to use it, clicking Find your ID here below the Program Details on the Zazzle page (klick link in point 3 )

Just add your Associate ID on any of (my. 😀) the beautiful Zazzle products you want to promote. Open product in one of my Zazzle onlinestores, copy productlink, post it to a note sheet or again in an empty browser searchbox.

Then add ?rf= and your Associate number.

Copy the hole link and post it wherever you want. Get lots of traffic and make sales. That’s it.

Many of my Zazzle products are sold by Associates referring to them.

MANY thanks, you are great and many thanks to the buyers too.

I would be totally glad having even more peoples referring to my Zazzle products. You will earn 15% on every sold product.

Zazzle products will be made once they are ordered. They will be made only on demand ( NO stock existing) and are only available ONLINE.

My main Zazzle ondemand-onlinestore:


In the following onlinestore all products are designed by myself (no bulk products)


My random products (all my Zazzle-ondemand-online stores included)


What sells:


So happy referring and many sales and referring money for you.

Thank you for stopping by,

have a great day,


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