Healing affirmations

Many people are suffering with anxiety, depression, posttraumatic ecperiences. They visit doctors and therapists. But often that don’t help much.

Many even don’t have the money to pay the costs of the therapists.

They isolate more and more, because nobody understands them.

But there may be a way out of these sufferings. If you don”t know it already, read what Louise Hay has written about healing your inner child with positive affirmations.

This has nothing to do with people saying you must think positive. Its rather the hard work to convert negative patterns from what you suffered in the past into a faithful, safe, loved behavor.

Klick the link below, scroll FIRST down and read the article “Healing from PTSD, Trauma, and Mind-Body-Anxiety to understand your anxiety and depression better and then to learn how to use affirmations to comfort your inner child and give yourself all the love, safety and selfconciousness you need.

Say to your inner child that it is safe, beloved and faithful now.

Write the sentences fitting you most down in a journal and read them EVERY single day.

And you will see after a half year, a year or two if you feel better.

It takes time to change things. Don’t think it”s done in two weeks. Continue to use your affirmations. And don’t give up feeling worse again from time to time or having no results at the beginning.

Go through. Go for it. You can do that. You deserve a better life.


I wish you all the best,


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