A beautiful day

It was such a beautiful day.

I made a little walk. It was warm, awesome clouds in the blue sky.

The crickets chirred very loud. Have you ever seen chrickets producing this summer reminding sound?

I always look where they are, but i never see them. Perhaps it’s better not to discover them haha.

One day a few years ago i heard a very loud cricket in a maize field. I searched, listend where the sound were coming from and searched again glaring at every maize plant.

And tadaaa i discoverd the cricket sitting on a green leaf. It was huge. A little bit scary.

I made a little video. It’s not so good, but you can hear this wonderful, loud krik krik sound.

I loaded it up to my youtube channel fotosbykarin.

(i will ad the link later)

Now it’s quiet here. But in a few weeks we will hear this chirring almost all night long. This will be the real summer feeling.

Do you like the crickets chirring?

Have a nice rest and enjoy every little beautiful, happy moment.

Thank you for stopping by,

have a great day,


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