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What do you do when you cannot sleep? Do you count the sheeps, listen to the sounds of the night, reflect on your sorrows ?

Do you stay on your bed awake for hours and hours, then get sleep and awake desperitly at the clock ringing, pullimg the blanket over your had. “Oh seriouslyyy , i.just want to sleep”.

When i cannot sleep i get up, go out from my bedroom, read some book, spend time liking things on instagram, twitter, facebook. Sometimes i design a new product at midnight drinking a nice cup of tea.

For me it’s way better then waiting to fall asleep and turning around and around in my bed. I don’t have this sleepless hours anymore and i’m very satisfied to spend my nights in a comfort way.

Getting tired i go to bed and fall asleep quickly. And i get up relaxed in the morning.

What do you do to get enough sleep? Write it in the comments.

Thank you for the iznterest, sleep well.

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