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I just opend a new facebook page about my products i created with my photos. I love to do this. Mostly i create products on . The zazzle onlinepage has a great design tool. They sell the products and i receve the royalties.

There is also the option of bulk customize items. The photo will be placed automatically on the product item. That often does not look optimal. Therefore i made most of the products customizable. Klick on the customize button and you can use the design tool to place the design how you would like to. You can also add text. For exemple add your name on a sticker design and use it for books or journals.

Most of my Zazzle-on-demand-onlinestores contain such bulk created products. You will find them on .

In my store , all the products are designed  by myself. There are NO bulk created items. They are created in the way they looks best. So i hope you will enjoy my designs.

You can also add text like names on my dekosbykarin designs if you want.

Many thanks to all my customers. I hope you enjoy the products. If you have photos showing you using them feel free to share them om my social media pages on facebook or twitter.

If you have questions about designs, items or suggestions, please use the commenting box.

Many thanks for all the support. Have a very nice day,

Karin Ravasio



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